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A Family Legacy & Commitment to Quality

Our Mission 

Sans is an experienced, industry-leading specialty importer and broker focused on premium quality, niche and moderately priced brands that offer exceptional quality and value to our retailers and consumers. Our goal is to provide our clients with exemplary representation based on decades of industry experience, a world-class reputation, dedication to service, local market intelligence, efficient programs and brand-building expertise. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees and our community.

Celebrating Sans Wine & Spirits Since 1985

A Strong Heritage

nick_sansIt all started with a legendary man in the Wine and Spirits business almost half of a century ago in Southern Florida and Jacksonville. Nick Sans, a father to one of us, a grandfather to some of us and a mentor to all of us. As the first President of Southern Wine & Spirits California for many years, Nick helped catapult Southern to achieve national success and recognition and at the same time guided his family into the business. He taught about perseverance, respect, integrity, honor and solid business ethics. Our founder and President, Lou Sans, Nick’s oldest son and a former VP at SWS CA has continued to embrace these same principles at Sans Wine and Spirits Co.


After his years at SWS, CA, Lou recognized the demand for quality Hispanic brands in California and started his own import company. In the Hispanic/Latino marketplace we were the original importers for prominent brands like Cazadores and El Jimador Tequilas.

Sans also engaged as a direct wholesaler in Southern California from 1986 to 1996 and managed its own salesforce. In 1996 the business grew substantially and Sans sold the wholesale side of the business to Paradise Beverage while still maintaining its import license agreements with the suppliers. Sans later disconnected from Paradise and grew its own supplier salesforce exponentially to directly expand support for a national wholesale and distributor network.

A key ingredient to our overall success has been importation of products that are popular in their native countries as well as in the United States coupled with sourcing exceptional quality brands that offer an exceptional value.

Moving forward we will be combining improved technology and marketing with our traditional values and expertise to help our clients flourish.