It started with Nick Sans—The Man, The Myth, The Legend.
He was a man of character, confidence and spirit. A man that had a dream to give his family a better life. A man that was raised by immigrant Italian parents navigating the realities of the American dream. Nick was a young boy during prohibition, and he saw his Italian neighbors leave the impoverished neighborhoods of Brooklyn via alcohol. As he got older, and prohibition ended, he saw an opportunity of legitimacy and a pathway to the better life he dreamed of by working with Southern Wine and Spirits in Florida. Nick was a unique individual. Not only was he clever in business, he was a social genius. His family said he could sell ribs to a woman wearing white gloves. These qualities would soon earn Nick a huge opportunity when Southern Wine and Spirits took a chance and promoted Nick to President of Southern Wines in California.

Family was always the most important thing to Nick, and with the family in California, he got his kids involved in Southern Wine and Spirits. To this day, if you mention the names of Lou, John, Nicki or Toni Sansevero at SGWS CA, you’ll see smiles and hear stories of how they changed lives. Nick’s oldest son Lou was a very successful salesman at Southern Wine but he was a dreamer like his father. Lou saw a segment of people that had been ignored by the spirits industry.

Nick’s eldest son, Lou Sans, the independent thinker, the entrepreneur, was a very successful salesman at Southern Wine. Like his father, Lou was a dreamer and was the genius behind Sans Wine and Spirits after he saw the Hispanic people in the United States were not considered in the spirits industry. He took a chance and broke off from Southern Wine and started importing products like 100% agave tequila, Rompope, Sangrita. With his wife, Nancy by his side, he could do anything! He created a very successful and viable business model and grew nationwide within only a few years of operation. Like his father he involved his children in Sans Wine and Spirits. His younger son, John had passion for working in the warehouse and liked to go on ‘work withs’ with his father. As John grew older and graduated college, he knew he wanted to work for his father to one day eventually run Sans Wine and Spirits.

John Sans, the hard worker, the brains, the heart of Sans Wine and Spirits bought the company from his parents in January of 2020. John navigated his way unscathed through the pandemic and grew their portfolio. He is the brainchild of the first in-house brand, Coa Tequila, The award-winning BACOO Rum and the much-anticipated Matiari Tequila. He sees that there is much competition in the market for spirits and is only interested in producing and importing high quality products and working with ethical suppliers.